Dubai South 

Dubai South 


Dubai South is a hub for a variety of services, including specialized commerce and administration services. Dubai South is situated as a global transportation center as well as contributing greatly to the UAE’s economic sector. This is due to its advantageous location, directly connected to the al Maktoum international airport and jebel Ali port. Specialized for its Freezone benefits, Dubai South offers a broad choice of residential houses and flats to suit various interests.



  • You own 100 percent of the firm, even as an expat, whilst having the ability to send all revenues to your native land.
  • Business setup may be done with ease, therefore you may set up your firm in as little as two weeks.
  • Environment that is safe and monitored.
  • Dubai South offers a wide range of residential options to suit your specific lifestyle and interests.
  • Dubai South specializes in providing company licenses for various activities, such as trading and logistics. 0% tax
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